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If you are looking for a professional welder in or near Fresno, CA, you can count on The Outdoorsman for all of your welding needs. We extend our welding services to not just automotive but also to trailers and RVs. We offer welding repair and much more as part of our custom metal fabrication service!

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Automotive Welding

Welding is an extremely critical process in the automotive industry. Welding services are used to combine various metal parts of a car together, such as car panels, the chassis, the body, and other suspension components.

There are various techniques involved in the use of welding, but it is dependent on the metal being used and the type of outcome you’re looking for.

  • Welding can be used to combine automotive sheet parts such as hinges, caps, covers, and more.
  • We also use welding to combine various structural body parts, including the frame and chassis. Since these parts are typically created from thicker steel, we utilize TIG welding.
  • Electric vehicles also require welding within various parts of their motor, including stator pins and powertrain connectors.

When Is Welding Necessary for Trailers or Vehicles?

  • Welding is commonly used in car and trailer repair to fix damaged or cracked parts. It can also be used to create custom parts.

Fender or Frame

Welding can be used to repair damage resulting from a collision.

Additionally, it can be used to add support in places where it is lacking. For instance, if the frame of your RV or vehicle is bent following a collision, you may want to consider having it repaired by welding on new pieces.

Wheels Application

Wheels are another common occurrence when welding is required. For instance, if you have a wheel that is bent out of it’s original shape following an accident, then it may not properly fit your vehicle or trailer any longer.

In these circumstances, a welder may be able to straighten it out. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about replacing the entire wheel. As a result, this saves you money.

Exhaust Applications

There are some instances where welding is used to repair or replace an existing or custom exhaust system.

Exhaust systems are designed from fine metal, which means it isn’t durable enough to withstand the constant tension of driving. Exhaust systems also tend to rust over time.

Consider welding if you have a leaky pipe instead of having it replaced.

After Market Parts

Welding can also be used in creating aftermarket parts, including fuel tanks, radiators, and external bumpers. We can easily build these components by utilizing various aluminum welding techniques.

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We are proud to offer welding services to anyone. Whether you have an RV, trailer, or vehicle, we provide the perfect solutions for you. If you have any further questions or are interested in finding out the most appropriate welding technique best suited for your vehicle or trailer, give us a call today!

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