Muffler & Exhaust Shop in Fresno, CA

Thinking about outfitting your car with a brand-new custom exhaust system? Stock or performance, The Outdoorsman is ready to help. We’re a well-trusted muffler repair shop in Fresno, CA, capable of working on just about any vehicle. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your exhaust and muffler repair needs, for all domestic and foreign vehicles.

Our shop is CARB and BAR compliant, which means you can trust us to ensure custom exhaust systems that’s compliant with Fresno, CA municipal standards, as well as the California DOT. Ask us about free estimates and we promise to provide you with some of the lowest pricing possible on both custom and stock exhaust systems. Best of all, no appointments needed—roll in today to get an estimate!

Custom Exhaust Systems

Whether you’ve got a rat rod or are restoring a classic to above and beyond its former glory, we’ll help you install a custom exhaust that gives it a commanding voice. Our experience with aftermarket exhaust systems ensures you’ll get a superior system, installed to perfection, no matter the make, model or year.

  • Muscle Cars
  • Trucks and Jeeps
  • Classic Vehicles
  • Domestic and Foreign Vehicles


Problems with your custom exhaust systems? We’re the place to get muffler repair and replacement, so you can get back to driving a car that’s DOT- and emissive-compliant. We stock a full range of muffler parts to ensure your exhaust system is well-cared-for and properly maintained. Some of the parts, components and systems we offer include:

  • Magnaflow-Performance Exhaust
  • Flowmaster-The Performance Technology company
  • The Coffin Muffler
  • Performance Systems
  • Stock Replacement Systems
  • Turbo Mufflers
  • Glass Packs
  • Duals

Catalytic Converters

We install catalytic converters compliant with Fresno, CA and California DOT standards. We’ll make sure your vehicle’s emissions are under control, and we have the ability to install both direct fit and universal converters on just about any vehicle.

  • Direct Fit Converters
  • Universal Converters
  • OBD1 and OBD2

Exhaust System Customization

What it takes to bring your exhaust system to life, our shop can deliver it! Not only do we have years of experience and countless customization projects behind us, we’ve also got access to a huge supply of parts and components to customize your system.

Exhaust Tubing

  • Tail Pipes
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Muffler Hangers

Exhaust Tips

  • Chrome
  • Powder Coated
  • Blue Flame
  • Color
  • Hi-Polished


  • Clamps
  • Hangers
  • Elbows
  • Bushing
  • Straight/Flexible Tubing
  • Connecters
  • Flanges
  • Header Adapters

Custom Exhaust

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Contact The Outdoorsman today to learn more about our tow hitch, trailer, and exhaust repair and customization services. You can reach us directly at 559-268-4539 or stop by our shop in Fresno, CA—no appointment required!

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